Greetings from University of Malaya.

Outstanding and motivated candidates who are committed and have exceptionally good records in teaching, research and publication, and have made significant contribution to knowledge are welcomed to join us in our pursuit for academic and research excellence.

How to Apply

Application for academic position is open and accepted all year round. To qualify for consideration, applicant must hold a minimum of PhD or Clinical Master degree for position at the Faculty of Medicine or Dentistry.

Kindly complete the application form downloadable below. The appended checklist will assist you in ensuring that your application and supporting documents are complete before submitting them to the address stated on the form. Incomplete applications shall not be considered.

An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to you via email once candidate’s completed application form reaches the Recruitment and Career Enhancement Unit. Complete applications will be sent to the respective Academies/Faculties/Institutes/Centers to determine the applicant’s suitability and ability to perform the job. Application will be reviewed and considered by selection panels based on the University’s selection criteria. Selection decision will also be based on the available vacancies. Candidate may be required to submit additional documents and/or to attend an interview to support his/her application. The entire recruitment process may take between three to six months depending on the position applied for. If you do not hear from us within six months after the date of your application, it is likely that your application does not meet the selection criteria and your application is considered unsuccessful. Due to the large number of applications received, the Unit is unable to retain candidate’s application documents in the database for future use.



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