Bantuan Zakat Pelajar UiTM

For local full-time student only

Offered for  full time post-graduate students, either by research or course-work.  Candidates have to apply through Unit Pengurusan Zakat,Sedekah and Wakaf Office.

Application form:
Pejabat Am,
Unit Pengurusan Zakat, Sedekah dan Wakaf
Pusat Pemikiran dan Kefahaman Islam
Aras 2, Bangunan Budisiswa
UiTM Shah Alam


One thought on “Bantuan Zakat Pelajar UiTM”

  1. assalamulaikum,nk tnya skit bkenaan zakat ni…ada x syarat2 khusus utk memohon bntuan tersebut & bleh x dload borg tsebut scara online utk permohonan tsebut?

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