Candidate may start to fill the online application

Enter Type of Application, Identification Number and BSN Pin No (BSN Slip UiTM No)

Send the application form with the documents stated below to the respective FACULTY:

* Identification Card (I/C)/Army/ Police/Passport
* Master / Bachelor Degree Certificate
* Academic Transcripts
* Research Proposal (For Programme by Research Only)
* An Autobiographical Essay (For MBA-BM770/BM773 & EMBA-BM771 Programme Only)
* Referee Report (2 Copies)

Selection will be carried out at the FACULTY

IPSis will “SMS Blast” to inform successful candidate to print offer letter from IPSis

Bring the offer letter and register on the date stated on the offer letter. Registration procedures may be downloaded from IPSis


I would like to apply Master in Business Management or Master in Human Resource Management.

Any Intake for PJJ Master in Business Management Or Master in Human Resource. When the online application open for 2012 Master will be opening?

Currently , i am full time bba degree in entrepreneurship. My cpga is 2.64 part 5 now industrial training petronas kk. I have been working more than 10years in the field of bad loan litigation in bank industry attachedwith Maybank for more than 4years.the rest experience is sales marketing, marketing research marketing, i had my diploma in accountancy

i am an international student
i wanna apply for a master in UITM university
but i cant find where i apply online
there is only for àlocal application
what is the BSN Pin No (BSN Slip UiTM No)
and how can i get it
thnk u

Master for UiTM can be apply through .Bank Simpanan Nasioanal (BSN) is a local bank in Malaysia. You can only buy the pin no. through this bank.

Bank Simpanan Nasional. Typing error.

Uitm Master application opening from 17 Oct – 30 Nov 2012

Am taking my degree in private university and I wish to continue my master at UiTM, is that applicable?

when the next application for coursework will b open?

bile date tuk apply tpm phd 2013?

kalau apply master, kena ambik MUET ke ?

I am a graduate of Secretarial Studies from Nigeria and wanted to study Masters Degree in Office System Management but could not get through the application process. Please assist and send me the link to facilitate my application. Please note that O have see n your reqiirements and I am qialified for the course on which I am applying. Please endeavour to assist as my employer will give me the required scholarship. Thank you

employer, the Federal Government of Nigeria will soonsor

U may submit app online, but first id suggest u to get in touch with postgrad coordinator. U can get the swift code to buy pin from UiTM web

Assalam, I am residing in Melaka and wish to know if Malacca UiTM is still offering an off-campus MACC (AC700). If do please advise. Regards

Assalamualaikum,saya berminat untuk apply saya bukan bekas pelajar UITM.blh ke saya apply dan bagaimana..mohon pencerahan

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